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The moment we start feeling good in our bodies, we are unstoppable. In our busy life we have no time to care for our looks and to relax. Our experts are ready to help you look good and find you ultimate relaxation. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and products, we create a beautiful essence that stays for long. At Potenza, we harness the power of pure oxygen, red light and cryo science to promote cellular healing. Together, these three enable a wide variety of treatment protocols devised to give a new meaning to your ideas of beauty and wellness.

Stress Management

Infrared rays help manage stress as the when the light penetrates each cell, the cells are revitalized and re-energized. This promotes the cells to work to their optimum level and help manage stress. Also with the intervention by hyperbaric oxygentherapy, one can prevent oxidative stress in the body a major cause of cellular


Improve Metabolism

Near and far-infrared light when subjected to the body help trigger positive chemical changes in the cell that help enhance the rate of metabolism. Compression treatment device the balancer also helps motivate lymphatic drainage, detoxify and eventually improve metabolism. Hbot ensures the body is flooded with pure oxygen, with availability of oxygen the cells work to their best capacity.


Sleep & Mood Disorders

Treatments at Potenza are known to stimulate the cellular healing process which improves nerve function which in turn improve sleeping patterns. Photo- biomodulation is like photosynthesis for humans, the light when absorbed by the cells in the body recharge the cells to perform proper function.


Improve Immunity

Photodynamic therapy stimulates mitochondrial repair promoting improved ability to fight infections. As oxygen is a natural healer, breathing 97% pure oxygen and that to under pressure in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber your body heals better, inflammation anywhere in the body is managed and that ensures increased immunity levels.


Anxiety and Depression

When the brain dose not receive oxygen in ample quantity, it goes under oxidative stress. This causes a deterioration of mental function. Therapies like the photo-biomodulation and hyperbaric oxygen help prevent just that.


Improve Brain Function

Increased oxygen levels show a significant change in brain function as oxygen helps activate nerve cell function. It also helps stimulate new cell growth. Also, photo-biomodulation like the term suggests stimulates positive cellular modulation in the cells. Thus, for optimum functioning of the brain, hyperbaric oxygen and photo biomodulation prove to be highly advantageous.


Improve Lung Capacity

With the increasing level of pollution, our lungs are outworked, it is absolutely necessary that our lungs receive the nurture and care they deserve. This can be ensured with adequate oxygen supply. It not only ensures nourishment but improves lung capacity.


Alleviate Long Covid Symptoms

Post covid, patients are experiencing breathing difficulties, which puts an extra load on the lungs. To reduce this stress on the lungs the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is highly effective as it floods the lungs with pure oxygen promoting improved cellular health and healing of the injured tissue.


Improve Circulation

It’s proven that the hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates angiogenesis that means it promotes formation of new blood vessels improving circulation in the body, reduces inflammation. Also comprehensive body compression therapy, the balancer helps remove toxins and excess water from the body which promotes improved circulation in the body.



Chemotherapy is known to cause anemia which reduces red blood cells in the lungs making it difficult for tissues to get the right amount of oxygen. Treatments at Potenza Wellness enhance oxygen levels in the blood and help repair tissues. High levels of oxygen help in post-chemo recovery as well. Also, to heal the inflammation in the body the photo biomodulation plays a major role.