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Pain Management

Treat the source not just the symptoms with our pain free treatments. In the age of machines and ideas why should we depend on our old handy methods to cure body pain. Pay a visit to Potenza and find out how we cure your body. It’s very important to stay fit and healthy to do your daily activities, reach your daily goals and boost your immunity. You can rely on our pre-programmed treatment protocols to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and improve function.

Sports Injuries

The most painful part of an athlete’s life is the injury that restricts them to reach their true potential. Potenza helps not only professional athletes but also people with sports injuries by elevating the process of recovery and healing through treatments like laser therapy, cryo science, photo biomodulation and the hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Skeletomuscular Inflammation

Consumption of concentrated oxygen helps reduce inflammation as it helps nourish and repair inflamed tissues in the body. The therapies at Potenza also improve nerve function and accelerate healing.



Sub-zero temperature achieved in cryo-science significantly reduce inflammation by improving blood flow to the site of injury. Also, the red light laser therapy promotes cellular healing that helps in reducing the extent of injury .



Near and far-infrared light helps fight inflammation as it improves tissue function by inducing an anti-inflammatory effect. This helps patients with Arteriopathies. It also induces positive chemical changes in the body.



Tendinopathies causes burning pain and reduced flexibility and range of motion. Red light laser therapy can help manage pain as it makes photoreceptors absorb photons and triggers a positive chemical change.



Concentrated red light is used to target a specific area of the body. Red light is known to power the mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of a cell in the body. This power helps reduce pain by decreasing the production of pain- eliciting chemical, bradykinin. Coupled with cryo science, there is significant reduction in the inflammation.


Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries affect bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves or tendons. There is inflammation in one or more regions of the body; direct red light laser helps as it goes up to 6 inches into the skin and recharges the mitochondria, coupled with sub zero temperatures of cryo science, the treatments promote healing.


Muscle Relaxation

Athletes all over the world use cold therapy for muscle relaxation and recovery after training sessions. One such therapy is to expose the body to Nitrogen at a sub-zero temperature to accelerate the process of muscle relaxation and healing.


Joint & Muscle Recovery

Exposing inflamed joints and muscles to extremely cold temperatures can help control inflammation and reduce pain. Since it is not only a process that happens above the surface of the skin but also under the skin which makes it way more effective than a conventional ice pack. The cryo therapy improves the blood flow to the site of injury and promotes healing.