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Weight loss tips for postpartum bellies

Weight loss tips for postpartum bellies

Healthy pregnancy weight gain does shed away for some mothers, but those changes can be permanent for some. While postpartum bellies are completely normal and beautiful, if it bothers you, Potenza Wellness offers many fat removal and slimming treatments that involve exposing stubborn fat to high temperatures. After the fat cells are killed, the skin in that area is tightened. It’s safe as all these treatments are performed externally and do not need surgery. Potenza wellness utilizes state-of-the-art tools which guarantee safety and negligible side effects.

Go for metabolism booster treatments

Metabolism booster treatment is a process through which near and far-infrared rays are projected onto your skin. These are later absorbed by cellular photoreceptors, which trigger positive chemical changes and help improve your metabolism. This treatment will act as a catalyst for your weight loss.

Opt for treatments that reduce water retention

This unique line of treatments offered by Potenza Wellness helps reduce water retention. This body compression treatment will eliminate the excess contaminants and toxins from our body, reducing bloating and inflammation and getting rid of excess fat. This method is dermatologically tested and declared safe.

Emsculpt NEO

Potenza Wellness introduces Delhi’s first-ever non-invasive treatment known as Emsculpt NEO. It is FDA-approved and works by rapidly heating muscles to a high degree using RF technology, preparing the muscles for stress.

The science behind: The High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic [HIFEM] causes muscles to contract roughly 20,000 times over the whole session, resulting in 25 percent more muscle and a 30 percent fat reduction.

Process: The methodology simulates a warm-up before a workout but at a faster rate. After four minutes, the temperature in the fat cells reaches levels that cause apoptosis, or permanently removing fat cells from the body. Emsculpt NEO’s non-invasive nature means that there is virtually no downtime.

Result: The treatment reduces fat cells, and the strained muscle cells initiate growth.

Other slimming treatments provided by Potenza Wellness:

Cryo slimming:  This advanced therapy is suitable for body toning, face lifting, pain management, muscular spasms, and many other purposes. Since it works best when it concentrates on one specific body region at a time, this type of specialized therapy is confined to one area of your body every session. Cryo slimming is an excellent option if you wish to remove traces of fat on your thighs, stomach, arms, and back.

X wave:  X wave employs targeted vibrations to break down the fibrous bands of cellulite that cause the skin to seem uneven. This reduced band pressure lowers the strain on fat pockets and decreases bulges. You can see visible improvements in skin texture, elasticity, and dermal firming. During the operation, you will be subjected to mechanical stimulation and see a visible impact in just 5-6 sessions.

Cellulite reduction: Potenza has created a one-of-a-kind anti-cellulite program. Cellulite is subjected to different temperatures ranging from 45 degrees to -16 degrees, as well as acoustic sound waves. This complete operation takes 30-60 minutes, and if necessary, a skin tightening technique is performed externally after the fat is removed.

Potenza Wellness focuses on rejuvenation, rethinking beauty, health, and wellness, and approaching therapies holistically. Its cutting-edge technology, renowned doctors, and experts in the field give you the best treatments. Book an appointment now!

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