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Tired of Endless Hair Fall? Here’s What We Recommend

Be it straight, wavy, curly or coloured, hair fall issues are common in any hair type. Recent studies state that hair fall and other hair-related problems are one of the major concerns of the current generation. Due to pollution, poor water quality, work stress, symptoms of PCOD and other hormone-related disorders, it is challenging to maintain proper hair care.

Hair fall might look scary for definitive reasons, but Potenza Wellness’ curated treatments where Wellness is Combined with Dermatology has come to your rescue.
Nature has its own way of getting things right. Potenza wellness assures the same with quality incorporation of natural science and technology. Effective solutions to healthcare problems can only be achieved by analyzing and treating the problem’s root cause. At Potenza Wellness, the team led by Dr. Jaya Pathak combines the power of science and the wonders of nature to produce optimum results. With exceptional experience in her expertise, she believes in imbibing the best by discovering the most effective strategy for the desired outcome.

At Potenza Wellness, every treatment follows a holistic and rejuvenating approach. This boutique wellness centre promises zero side effects and visible treatment results. Hairfall is one of the most troubling concerns, and Potenza wellness offers various suitable treatments.

  • Hair growth stimulation

This popular hair growth enhancement treatment offered at Potenza Wellness works by combining natural knowledge with scientific technology. The treatment is carried out by combining photobiomodulation and Hair growth serum infusion for strengthening hair follicles and stimulating hair growth. An inclusion of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment helps in reversing the effects of pollution, alcohol consumption, and also empowers the hair stem cells.

  • Hair Fall reduction treatment

Hair fall reduction treatments aim at improving scalp health and nourishing the hair follicles for faster and healthy growth. Infusion of hair serums and the red light laser are a few procedures to re-energize the hair tissue. At Potenza Wellness, treatments are carried out holistically with utmost care.

  • Hair Science Treatment

This comprehensive hair restoring therapy offered at Potenza Wellness involves the serum infusion directly to the affected area. Hair Science Treatment is one of the most dependable ways to cover up your bald spots. Direct infusion of serum at the roots of the affected area enhances hair growth and strengthening. The serum is a US patented combination of growth factors and plant-derived factors.

  • Hair Anti-Ox Treatment

This highly advanced hair care treatment is nothing shorter than a one-stop solution for multiple problems. Hair Anti-Ox Treatment facilitates treating hair fall, dry scalp and white hair with a common treatment procedure. It is a combination of photobiomodulation and infusion of serum rich in biotin and mulberry extract.

Hair fall and poor hair health are one of the major concerns of the beauty industry. With natural methods, procedures, and the inclusion of scientific brilliance and technology, Potenza wellness continues to be your trusted wellness partner in the industry. Apart from the hair care treatments, this Boutique Wellness centre also offers a wide array of treatments ranging from Dermatology, Wellness, Pain Management, Weight Management and Clinical Nutrition. Visit Potenza to experience hair care at its best.

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