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Laser Hair Reduction: A Painless Path to Smooth Skin

Technology is advancing and it is making life easier for us with each passing day. Laser is the ray of light in the field of dermatology with many versatile wonders possible with its help.

Laser Hair Reduction is the talk of the town. It is a non-invasive procedure which delivers long lasting results without pain. It has become convenient solution for women with a busy lifestyle to avoid regular salon visits. The new and advanced technology in the market makes the procedure more popular and efficient.

Not only the pain but a permanent solution to peach fuzz would save everyone so much time and chemical exposure. The time that is used in scheduling a waxing appointment is inconvenient. The trauma that comes after brings ingrown hair and pigmentation with itself.

Leading Wellness Clinics are working towards getting this technique right and making people aware about it. Experts at Potenza wellness, a multispeciality clinic located in Delhi perform the procedure with the best in class Soprano Platinum. This technology improves the precision three times as it combines the benefit of three wavelengths to target different depths of the hair follicle which prevents ingrown hair.

Laser Hair reduction targets the melanin pigment present in black hair follicles and destroys them leading to removal of that follicle from the roots. There are long lasting results with improved skin texture.

Soprano is FDA approved and 100% safe. Active precautions are being taken to prepare the skin before the treatment and after it. Since the procedure is non-invasive there is no downtime.
It is however recommended to go through a clinical skin examination before thinking about laser hair reduction. Expert’s supervision with good technology reduces the chance of side effects and reactions.
According to Indian Association of Dermatologist Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL) taskforce guidelines anyone above the age of 15 can opt for laser hair reduction and it is absolutely safe for the skin.

Post the LHR procedure there are some precautions you must follow in order to avoid stress on your skin like staying away from the sun. Make sure these precautions are followed well to get a smooth experience.

Potenza Wellness is a Wellness clinic which targets the overall well being of the body with advanced state of the art technologies. They offer the most advanced technology for Laser Hair reduction which is three times more effective i.e The Soprano Platinum. The expertise and technologies are continuously evolving to make people’s life better.

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