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Does Non-Invasive and Pain-Free Inch Loss Really Exist?

Will those extra fat-burning sessions and water diets help you get rid of the extra inches? Even the slightest projection of body fat can make you feel self-conscious, and Potenza wellness is here to fix it with utmost care.

People often tend to mistake ‘weight loss’ and ‘inch loss’ as the same.

Weight loss is targeted at losing body weight through a strict diet and workout regime. On the other hand, inch loss is losing fat from specific body areas through medically proven non-surgical methods. Be it stubborn arm fat, a double chin, or those little extra fatty inches, non-invasive methods have always been found helpful.

People have always been apprehensive about non-invasive and pain-free inch loss treatments. So to gain a better understanding, let’s take a look at these medical terms and treatments.

– Non-Invasive body contouring

This rapidly growing field in cosmetic dermatology has proven its efficiency in producing the desired results. Despite regular workouts and assisted diet, some areas still tend to accumulate excess fat tissues.

Non-invasive body contouring focuses on removing these excess tissues. Considering factors like convenience and easy access, this technique has become one of the most opted choices.

– Cryo slimming

When diets and exercises leave you in the mid-way of an inch loss journey, cryo slimming is all you need to witness results. The cryo slimming technique is carried out through apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death. To achieve the desired output, cold temperatures are administered to the selected area. A minimum of 5-6 sessions with a time gap of 2-3 weeks is preferred to see noticeable results.

– X Wave treatments

In this non-invasive inch loss treatment method, blood circulation in the targeted area is increased by using acoustic waves. Thereby creating vibrations under the skin to elevate the elasticity. The fibrous bands are broken utilizing these waves, and these reductions help reduce the fat bulges in the body.

– Inch Loss treatments

Inch loss treatment is used to remove excess fat from the human body through a combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency techniques.

Ultrasound waves of varying and proper degrees are sent into the deep layers of skin to cause a disruptive vibration, thereby letting the fat cells break apart. Whereas radiofrequency is the technique where controlled heat vibrations are sent to the skin, thereby stimulating collagen production, which in turn tightens the skin as the person starts to lose weight.

The above-mentioned non-invasive inch loss treatment methods are well-known these days due to their efficiency and convenient non-surgical procedures.

The detailed research and our client’s experiences prove that these treatments are generally painless. The immediate results might slow down after a couple of sitting, but the desired outcome can be gradually achieved after completing the required sessions.

This relatively effective method for improving skin appearance and decreasing subcutaneous fat is performed through the FDA’s approved procedures.

By making holistic wealth a habit, we at Potenza wellness clinic have a lot to offer, ranging from body wellness, non-invasive inch loss treatments to clinical nutritional services. Book an appointment and find out more services as you are just one step away from gaining holistic wellness